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Setting Up Your Metrc | Adding New Users and Employees

Written by Amanda Drapes on Apr 01, 2021

While working with any 3rd party tool, or when you have multiple people utilizing your Metrc account, it is imperative you add every user to Metrc team assigning them their own credentials so any actions executed will be traceable back to the user who entered it into the system. This is a requirement enforced by Metrc and States in order to ensure people outside the company are able to connect with them in regards to accounts they are not granted access to as well as assign actions to specific people creating an easily referenced trail of who to refer back to should there be any questions!

Commonly, GroLens will utilize access to Metrc accounts to:

- Setup! In order for us to monitor and confirm setup completion between your Metrc and GroLens, we will require access to your Metrc.

- Reconnect your account should Metrc change your API key for any reason

- Review and audit your account should you run into any issues or questions

- Speak with Metrc regarding your account, state compliance regulations, or general track-and-trace questions (Metrc will not speak with anyone about anything that is not assigned a login to your account)


Generally, licensees will grant general users and third-party contractors Employee Access, with the ability to view and manage information as required by their position and tasks. Again, any actions taken in Metrc are logged under the login name of the person executing that action.

To add Employees(review images below for visual aid):

  1. Log into Metrc
  2. Click on Admin Employees (OK users select unlicensed employees)
  3. Below the User information box, click the blue plus sign icon to add additional user forms if you are creating multiple users at once.
  4. Complete the form as related to each specific user.
    Note: Emails cannot be changed/reassigned once created to a different name. If there is an issue with the users login you will need to recreate a new user with a new email address.
  5. Select view and manage boxes for all line items
  6. If you have multiple licenses, to the right of the user information box, select all licenses linked to GroLens
  7. Click Create Employees

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