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Creating and Adding Strains in Metrc

Written by Amanda Drapes on Apr 26, 2021

  1. In Metrc, go to Admin > Strains > Add Strains
  2. You will create a Strain for every strain you have on hand including seeds, plants, and packages.
  3. Strain name - make sure this is accurate as it cannot be edited after the fact. If it needs to be changed post creation you will need to create a new strain completely. You add the Testing Status including the CBD/THC content for that strain if known or applicable specifying the ratio of Indica/ Sativa. Testing information can be edited/added/updated post creation.
    Note: There is a check all box included that allows you to duplicate this strain across all Metrc licenses that you possess. 

  1. To add more new Strains entries all at once, type the desired number in the bottom left box and click the +.
  2. Click Create Strains.

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