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OMMA / Metrc Setup Guide | How to Create Packages of Seeds for your Starting Inventory

Written by Amanda Drapes on Apr 26, 2021

NOTE: This is in reference to Oklahoma only to add untracked seeds by April 30th.

Metrc does not normally allow for untracked items to be added to your inventory but will allow the manual upload of starting inventory until April 30th only. After the April 30th deadline NO EXTERNAL SEEDS will be able to added to your invetory, meaning all seeds must come from and Oklahoma Licensed Metrc account

As seeds are kept and tracked in packages until planted, all users will need to create their Seed inventory IN METRC.

There are Two steps to creating your beginning seed inventory packages that must be completed to be compliant:

1) Create an External Transfer of all Seed Packages
2) Accept Your External Transfer assigning Package tags to your packages

Entering your starting Seed Inventory

Before doing this, you must complete the Metrc Onboarding Process setting up your Metrc Account

Once you have successfully completed the onboarding process, use the Incoming External Transfer in Metrc to make any inventory you want (as is stated in the Metrc guide for Oklahoma) until April 30th, following these steps:


Before You Create your Seed Packages:

Create Strains

First, create any Strains in Metrc that you haven't added yet and plan to add seeds of.  If you have already connected your Metrc and GroLens accounts you can easily sync your strains up to Metrc through your Metrc Compliance Dashboard, or if the Strains of the Seeds you're adding already exist in your Metrc account you can skip to the next step

If you have not created your strains and need more information on how to complete this process, check out or blog on How to Create Strains in Metrc.


Create Item

Note: You MUST create your Strains prior to creating your Items. Items are a new concept to any non-Metrc user, and are simply put used to define what type of item is in each package. GroLens users are able to create new items in the GroLens Sell dashboard during the packaging process, however to for the creation of beginning inventory without the ability to utilize the GroLens packaging feature please reference How to Create Items in Metrc



Creating Beginning Inventory Seed Packages

Create Incoming External Transfer

After creating your Item, you will need to create an Incoming External Transfer in Metrc and enter all of your Seeds packages following the steps below:

  1. In Metrc go to:
    Transfers > External then click Incoming > New Transfer

  2. Select Beginning Inventory Transfer from the drop-down.
  3. Create a Package for each type of Seeds, selecting the correlating Item names.

  4. For each Package you will enter a Quantity that can be entered in one of two ways but will need to have a correlating item unit of measure:
              - Each | number of seeds in the package - requires 'each'  item unit of measure
              - Grams/Weight | weight of the package - requires 'weight' (ie: grams) item unit of measure
  5. To bulk create all packages at once, add more Package entries by typing the desired number of entries in the bottom left Packages box then clicking the + icon

  6. When you've finished adding every Package of Seeds, click Register Transfer


Accepting the External Transfer

In order to complete the package creation process, you must next accept the external transfer, assigning Metrc package tags to each package in Metrc, then applying those physical package tags to their correlating packages in-person. 

  1. Accept the External Transfer by going to the Active tab under the same External Transfer dashboard you were in to create the transfer itself (Metrc > Transfers > External > Active
  2. On the far right of the Transfer, you should see a button to accept the transfer.
  3. In the dashboard to accept the transfer, you will apply package tags by clicking on the package tag field which will populate the next available tag for you.
  4. Once you have completely filled all fields for your packages, click Accept Transfer
  5. Hop over to your Packages to see all your work in its glory :)

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