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Oklahoma Metrc Training is Live

Written by Amanda Drapes on Feb 25, 2021

Its been months of silence, and it looks like Oklahoma has begun its rollout for Metrc beginning with Training Signups. Here’s what we know so far per their announcement on Metrc:

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) and Metrc are excited to announce the kickoff of Metrc for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana licensees! Within this next steps document, we want to provide you with the information and timeline to become fully operational within Metrc. This rollout is intended to provide ample time for each business to prepare to transition into Metrc based on their ongoing operations. The stages of this rollout will go as follows:

1) Initial Training Sign Up

Starting on February 23rd , you will be able to sign up for the Metrc New Business Training Course. Information on signing up for training is on the next page.

2) Training and Credentialing Access into Metrc Accounts (4 Weeks)

Starting on March 1st , Metrc will begin offering daily training classes for employees, managers, and owners. Training is required prior to credentialing in order to gain access to the Metrc system. OMMA will require Metrc training and subsequent credentialing of businesses into their user accounts to be completed by March 26 th, 2021.

3) Beginning Inventory (5 Weeks)

Once licensees have accounts in Metrc, they will have access to the Beginning Inventory Guide, which outlines the steps to enter initial plant and/or package inventory into the system.

- OMMA will require that beginning inventory be completely reported into Metrc by April 30th, 2021.

- For operating licensees, the last monthly report that will need to be submitted to OMMA will the March report, filed in April. After that time, full operation and tracking within Metrc will satisfy a licensee’s monthly reporting requirements.

4) Fully Operational in Metrc by April 30th

On April 30th, the beginning inventory entry period will close, and licensees will report all transactions of inventory directly into Metrc going forward.

New Business Training Course

Each licensed facility is required to have an administrator in the Metrc system in order to complete credentialing. An administrator must be an owner or designated manager, and each Metrc administrator must take the new business training course at least once. All facility employees must be trained in the proper use of the statewide track and trace system. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that each employee planning to operate in the Metrc system take the new business training course to ensure they know how to accurately utilize the system.

  • The new business training course is provided in a webinar-based format and offered to individual licensees or a small group of licensees.
  • The webinar-based training classes will initially be offered Monday through Friday at the following times:
    Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays 3 pm CT 9 am CT 12 pm CT 11 am CT 2 pm CT 9 am CT 3 pm CT 10 am CT
  • The classes are instructor-led and will provide a thorough overview of the Metrc system and its basic functions.
  • These classes are now set up for all licensed businesses, and users can sign up by selecting the “Schedule Training Now” button at
  • Advanced training classes by license type will also be available at a later date for licensees who have begun operations in Metrc.
    There is no additional cost for these classes.

To sign-up for the new business training course, the following information MUST be provided:

• State License Number
• Business Name
• E-mail
• First and Last Name
• Phone Number

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