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Transitioning to Metrc from OMMA Reporting | What you should know

Written by Amanda Drapes on Mar 08, 2021

Ready or Not, Here Metrc comes

Selected last year as Oklahoma’s mandated seed-to-sale tracking system, last week Metrc began its roll-out starting with state-wide online training of licensees. But what comes next?

Although we are still waiting on State Supplemental Guide which will define exactly how Oklahoma Cultivation Licensees are required to track their plants life cycle, here is what we know so far:

With so much still riding on the details yet to come, below you will find the information you need to prepare for the switch to Metrc.

Getting started with Metrc

For those looking for a centralized list of how to get started with Metrc, here it is:

  1. Get a jump on your Metrc knowledge by checking out their video tutorials.
  2. Schedule your Metrc Training asap. 
  3. Delegate who will be responsible for the management and upkeep of your Metrc account. (If you are in need a Metrc manager, consider out-of-house data management options like GroLens that offers Track-and-Trace/Metrc management experts at a fraction of the price of employees.)
  4. Request credentials for online access to Metrc (after completing Metrc training). Users must login within 24 hours of receiving their credentialing email, or the link will expire.
  5. Order your Metrc Tags. Follow this guide on how to order and use your Metrc Tags. Note: Metrc will charge Oklahoma cultivations $0.45 per plant tag and $0.25 per package tag.
  6. Create your Beginning Inventory by April 30th. GroLens users will be provided with guides, tutorials, and support access throughout their Metrc onboarding process. With Oklahoma still pending the Metrc State Supplemental Guide this process is not yet public knowledge. However, we do expect it to heavily mimic Michigan’s process which GroLens users can read about here. Unfortunately, due to limitations on the sharing of Metrc content and guides, we are unable to share this process publicly at this time.

If you are searching for assistance with your Track-and-Trace and Metrc management, reach out to our team to learn more about our Platform as well as our Metrc Managemer Packages.

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Updating and aligning your workflow with Metrc

Although the standard process of day-to-day functions in the garden will stay the same, cultivations will need to make some adjustments in order to remain compliant with Metrc.

Purchasing | Seed and plant purchases can only be from other Oklahoma licensees. This means no more out of state purchases.

Garden Reporting | All actions required by the state to report will need to be entered into Metrc within 3 days (72 hrs) of the execution of that action. GroLens users will see their Metrc accounts automatically updated when the actions are completed in the GroLens web or Mobile app. 

Data Entry | Metrc actions are for the most part unforgiving across the board. Once data/information/actions are entered many are unable to be undone without starting from the beginning which wastes time and tags. Make sure to accurately enter information in order to refrain from creating additional work. The creation and enforcement of SOP’s are proven way to prevent mistakes from happening. GroLens users are given access to a SOP template that guides you through the creation of your SOP’s, and are able to utilize our support team and expansive helpdesk to troubleshoot Metrc mistakes whenever required.

Monthly Reporting | Metrc will directly report to OMMA removing the required monthly OMMA reports 

Plant Tracking | Metrc will require a specific naming convention be applied to plant groups in their seedling/clone phases, then will move to tracking plants individually by plant tag starting in Veg. Cultivators will be required to implement required naming conventions and plant tagging in order to remain compliant.

Challenges ahead! What to expect

Having worked through multiple state Metrc transitions, we know its a big change, and there will be some bumps in the road as OMMA onboards its users to Metrc. Keep in mind:

  • Expect delays.
  • Make the time to adjust to new practices. Remember, you are required to enter tracked actions every 3 days!
  • Know who to contact for help. GroLens users can always reach out to support!
  • This is a learning process, although the goal is strictly uphold all licensees to 100% compliance, mistakes and errors happen. The number one thing is to be proactive and make sure you are actively working towards meeting that 100% compliance goal.

Are you ready for Metrc?

For so many, the switch from OMMA monthly reporting to the demands of continuous structured data entry into a complex web application is intimidating, especially within such a compact timeline. Make sure you know what you and your team are capable of, and if needed, what your options are. Compliance data entry takes time, and adjusting to the new workflows of Metrc will take time. GroLens offers users both the option to utilize a simplified grower-centric dashboard to manage their Metrc accounts, or for those that lack the current bandwidth on their team, Metrc data management by one of our Metrc and Track-and-Trace experts! Connect with us to learn more about how me can help you transition and manage your Metrc!

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